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The Vision

       The vision of Little Explorers Early Learning Academy is to provide a safe place where little explorers are encouraged to dream, explore and grow in child-like wonder. Everyday we will provide a trusting atmosphere that is safe, comfortable, loving, and a home-away-from-home envirmonent. LEELA will be a place where you will never have to question what our hearts beat and

long for...the next generation!

       Little Explorers is a school founded on prayer. We believe prayer is an essential tool used to equip our students and teachers for daily challenges. We hold our teachers to the highest standards and with even higher expectations. Our teachers are equipped and trained as well as provided with current and excellent resources to raise the next generation. Our teachers will pour their hearts into every student while shaping, molding, and laying a solid foundation for the child's future eduction. Each child is made in His image and is so very special. We will love and care for each student as if they were our very own. In everything we do, equipping and training each child in the ways of the Lord, to Glorify and Honor Christ.

       We strongly believe that our Academy will positively impact our community. Family, Devotion, Order, Honor, and Legacy will spill over outside of the classroom and impact families and our region. The South Gate Family facilities will provide a safe learning environment for each and every child. We welcome every child with open arms with no discrimination of race or origin. We are accepting ages 1-5. Our future goals include: every age for acceptance, a before and after care program, and a summer program.

       We will keep Christ in the forefront of everything we do, in every decision that is made, and in every opportunity given. We ask that you will partner with us in prayer to accomplish our vision of providing a safe, home-away-from-home academy for our little explorers to grow, while giving them freedom to explore and dream. 

Rebecca Keen

A positive influence and light....

" The first five years of a child's life are so crucial and influential.

The Lord has given me a burning passion to be a positive influence and light to our children. I want to make sure every child that comes to Little Explorers grow, learn, and view learning as an exciting adventure!"


If you are interested in enrolling your child, please review and fill out the following forms...



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or call with any questions.

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