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Legacy Homeschool Academy 

3rd - 12th grade.

Why Legacy Academy?

Legacy Academy is more than just your average homeschool program. The goal is to create an atmosphere for our children to thrive, grow, and become who they were created to be in their beloved identity. Our mission is to train up a child in the way they should go based on their natural design, abilities, and passions. In todays standard school system, not every child can fit in the “box”, and honestly we don’t believe our Legacy was intended to “fit”. There is so much more for our kids to learn and discover that cannot be done in the typical classroom. That is exactly what our homeschool program is offering. With online and workbook curriculums, an intentional certified teacher, and a group environment we are offering something outside the box. Our schedule is Monday-Thursday 8:30am-2pm, starting with morning devotion & chapel, 4 hour assisted work time, and field trips. We believe this is more than just a homeschooling program, this is a place for your legacy to thrive.

If interested, please read PDF and fill out application below!

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For any questions, please contact us or check out or social media pages for more info!





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